Body Of Light Bundle

Original price was: $31.90.Current price is: $28.95.


Body Of Light Bundle

Original price was: $31.90.Current price is: $28.95.

This Bundle includes both The Body of Light Book and the Body of Light Essential oil.

There are many ways in which the body functions, thrives, and experiences the world around us. The question remains though, what is it that enlivens the body at its core, beyond the heart beating, the lungs breathing, and the thoughts running through our minds?

These are the questions that we will delve deep into in the Body of Light book and the answers you find will forever enlighten your heart, mind, and spirit. Join us as we learn about modern science showcasing the body as a conduit of light and then personally experience the energy that “illuminates” all existence. Everything you will learn and experience in this book is intentionally designed to lead you to the ultimate experience, the Body of Light meditation.
– Discover scientific research that redefines our reality as light
– Integrate your learning through experience with guided meditations
– Align body, mind, heart, and spirit
– Shift your DNA into coherency with your true self

Body of Light Essential OIl

Body of Light oil is a proprietary blend of pure, certified organic, premium-grade essential oils: wildcrafted Frankincense, wildcrafted Myrrh, organic Lavender, organic Patchouli, and organic Tulsi.

This is an extremely potent blend that works as a wave to calm, clear, ground and connects the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual body. At first application, you will feel a release and calm throughout your emotional body. It then works to clear the mental body to create a sense of being present. From there the physical body is balanced because of the changes in both the emotional and mental body. The doorway is then opened to create a conscious union with your true self, and spirit.

This original blend goes hand in hand with the Body of Light Meditation, although it can be utilized on its own for meditation, energy work, foot zoning, therapeutic massage, and yoga just to name a few. This blend is for anyone who seeks to find a deeper meaning in their everyday life and create a conscious union to their soul’s essence while walking on this planet we call earth. Hence to then create and maintain a body full of light!

This 5 ml Bottle of Essential Oil Contains Roughly 100 Drops, which means when you use 2 drops per application, you can get up to 50 applications. This little bottle of essential oil goes a long way!

The Body of Light Essential Oil Blend comes in a Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle. Cobalt blue bottles cost more, but your pristine essential oils are better protected against UV light rays and will stay fresher and last longer.

The best way to keep your pristine essential oils fresh is to keep them away from light, heat, and oxygen. The best way to preserve your oils is to use cobalt blue bottles with a label (not clear) that covers the bottle all the way around, always keep the lid firmly closed (never leave the lids off), and don’t expose your oils to extreme heat (like don’t leave your oils in a hot car in the summer). Doing these things will keep and preserve your essential oils for a longer period of time.


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